Allison is one of the major international Eyewear companies, a leader in the design, production and distribution of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses.  Allison was established in 1959 in the town of Volta Mantovana in Northern Italy, as a manufacturer of high quality injected eyewear and in 2002 a state of the art logistic center and Headquarter was opened in Padova where the sales, marketing, product and administrative offices are now located.Over these years Allison added to its house brands several major fashion collections through licensing agreements with important international designer group. Among these the first were Gianfranco Ferrre, Moschino and Missioni, just to mention a few. For all licensed brands Allison develops exclusive fashion eyewear which incorporates design, attention to detail and technical innovation to offer to the consumer a product which is trendy, original and comfortable at the same time.

Magrabi Optical

The Magrabi Company was first established by Dr. Amin El-Maghraby in Egypt in 1927. Proudly following in his father's footsteps, Dr. Akef El-Maghraby continued investing in the field of eye care services, and lay the foundation for Magrabi Hospitals and the Magrabi Retail Group, thus bringing the Magrabi name into prominence. Born in 1940, Dr. El-Maghraby is the founder and chairman of the Magrabi Eye and Ear Hospitals and Centers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He also serves as chairman of Magrabi Retail, the mother company of Magrabi Optical. 

SEIKO Optical Europe GmbH

 As a subsidiary of the Japanese SEIKO Corporation, SEIKO Optical Europe has focussed on the lightest and thinnest high-tech spectacle lenses that are also very attractive and robust, even with high corrections.


The products

SEIKO currently distributes the spectacle lens brands SEIKOand Starvision as well as the spectacle frame collections SEIKO Titanium, S2, Levi's® as the sole distributor to Germany and Austria and Starvision - the collection.

Quality made in Germany

From Willich/Germany and the five branches in Belgium, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain, SEIKO Optical Europe is of service to more than 40 countries in Europe, North Africa and the Near East. In 2007 a lens production site was opened in Lippstadt/Germany. 

Precision runs in the family

With this aspiration, the spectacle lens manufacturer SEIKO has been ahead of its competitors repeatedly and runs alongside of the other successful subsidiaries of the Group, which are very well-known for watches and time-keeping instruments used at international sporting events.